Submission Guidelines

The Author Alliance Editorial Team focuses on shared traits in quality books of all types. The team will read at least one chapter and perhaps the entire book to make certain they are structurally and grammatically sound.

What makes a good book?

  1. Well-written with few or no typos and grammar issues.
  2. Must be a good story (this is the somewhat subjective part). 
  3. Professional cover. If you have a good book but a bad cover, we'll encourage you to upgrade your cover and resubmit your book.
  4. Professional sales page. If you have a good book but a bad sales page, we'll encourage you to upgrade it and resubmit your book.

It's almost impossible to sell many books without a great cover and sales page. If you've written a quality book, go the extra mile to give it the cover and sales page it deserves. 

Authors and publishers should know if your books are polished. If they're not, you need to focus on rewriting and editing, and then come back to submit your book (s) when ready. For Author Alliance and our author/publisher partners to succeed, we must prove to readers we represent quality. 

What about reviews?

We pay close attention to legitimate reviews, but we're not impressed by reviews from your friends, relatives, purchased 5 Star reviews, or 5 Star reviews swapped with other authors. We consider the current review process deeply flawed. Therefore, we pay less regard to reviews than do most our competitors. 

We accept good books and reject those riddled with typos, grammar issues and other structural problems.